Adam Sime
Shoe Models Own
I Just Had A Brain Storm
Old School Hard Arse
Insert Tab A into Slot B
Schmalz Wrangler
Die Vogelhochzeit
Fairy Wish Bag
“I am so not busting marble this morning.”
Autumnal Cascade With Strings
Head Voice
Don’t Let A Stranger Blow Yr Mind
Veil of Phenomena
You’re My New Best Friend
The Battle of Thanks
Drop Your Tweeds
“Are You Looking For A Flute Teacher?”
"This map of planes in the air right now will blow your mind"
Tens Of Thousands
Lake Now
I’m 85% Fantastic
The Best Of Me Tour
The Cat-spectre In The Old Temple
Voted Best Title
Self-medicating Wonderland
You’re Not Eating Properly
What Page Are You On?
The Visual Field of a Pigeon [director's cut]
Within My Awesome Glockenspiel
Still Good But
The Reef Sucked Me Dry
GestaltWeaver meets WishKnow
“Squares, I do not KNOW you”
Suddenly You're Delicious
“I Become Small & Go”
Footage Not Found
Saturnalia, International Prototype
Paranoid Conceit [detail]
Hey, Tiger
Tugboat Captain (Detail)
I Asked The Hive-Mind
The Synthetic Gift